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Anna specializes in coaching leaders, project leaders, and individual professionals on how to give and receive frequent, helpful, and super-productive feedback that speeds up your achievement of shared goals and development.


You can accomplish a quick coaching launch of your full leadership team into giving great feedback by engaging Anna and, when needed, one of her executive coaching colleagues. We recommend a series of six 1-hour sessions for each leader via phone or Skype. Topic may include:

  • Self-assessment of beliefs, strengths, and improvement needs in the specific area of feedback

  • How to select highest priority areas for feedback conversations with each direct report and other recipient of your feedback

  • How to deliver feedback that positively motivates improvement, growth, & engagement

  • Identifying specific areas of feedback avoidance or other challenges and planning practical solutions

  • Practicing, reviewing progress, and practicing again

  • How to encourage your team members to share feedback and build an everyday feedback culture in your specific team

  • How to personally relax, enjoy, and feel confident about great feedback conversations

I was feeling ‘stuck’ in my business, I didn’t really know how to move it forward. From that first session, Anna was just the shot in the arm I was looking for and needed, but didn’t know! Anna is a very adept, skilled coach. I know this because what works for most people doesn’t work for me. I’m indebted to her; she’s the best thing that’s happened to me and my business in a long while!” 

–Halle Sherwin, Television Producer, Los Angeles


Anna’s one-on-one coaching has boosted our leadership success and increased open, timely feedback.”
–Bob Martin, VP, Human Resources Austin Regional Clinic

Anna will help you identify and achieve your deepest personal and professional goals and have great fun in the process!” 

–David Baker, Executive Director, Wimberley Valley Watershed Association


Anna Carroll is a pioneering expert in the field of workplace feedback and has spoken to thousands of leaders in ten countries on the topic of human feedback loops. She recognized frequent, honest feedback as the bulls-eye target for how organizations such as your can achieve their goals. She enthusiastically shares stories based on direct experience with leaders and teams that have made a successful feedback “turnaround” and enjoy great business and employee engagement results.

Her audiences particularly enjoy her rich anecdotes and practical advice about the emotional side of giving feedback. As a social worker and licensed executive coach she adds a “get real” perspective on how move out of stall mode and jump start great feedback.

Anna's Presentations

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 9.42.31 AM.png

CMBXP Conference 2018 — September 20


Give (and Get) Fast, Helpful Feedback to Speed Up Results and Happiness at Work

Contact Anna Carroll, MSSW, CPCC

(512) 431-6619
1307 Kinney Ave, Suite 136
Austin, Texas 78704

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