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Anna Carroll will set up a complimentary Skype or in-person meeting with you and/or your team to clarify your needs and to assist you in aligning your feedback goals with your desired strategy and culture. Proposed consulting steps after the initial meeting may include some of the following components:

Feedback Culture Assessment

Anna will conduct in-person and phone interviews, a quick survey of your team members and/or selected focus groups to collect information about the current state of feedback in your organization. A prompt report of findings will a facilitated onsite or Skype meeting with key stakeholders that will include high-leverage recommendations for improving your feedback culture and planning for feedback success across your organization.

Facilitated Feedback Exchange

Anna will facilitate feedback among your executive or any leadership team. This is the best way to get started with great feedback and the most powerful way to communicate with your team members and improve the business at the same time.

Facilitated Planning Session with Leadership Team

Anna will guide your team in planning specific steps for envisioning and implementing a great feedback culture.

Individual Coaching Sessions

Customized coaching package for each member of the leadership team. See Coaching.

Quarterly Follow-Up Feedback Review and Planning Sessions

Anna will facilitate sessions for reviewing your team or organization’s progress on your feedback culture. We will review commitments from past planning, discuss what is/isn’t working, and develop a revised plan.

Group-to-Group Facilitated Feedback Session

This 4-6 hour session, facilitated by Anna, will dramatically improve the collaboration between separate departments, functions, locations, or partnering entities. It will involve a cross-section of 4-11 people from each group, with required presence by managers and influential parties whose opinions are respected by other group members.

Contact Anna Carroll, MSSW, CPCC

(512) 431-6619
1307 Kinney Ave, Suite 136
Austin, Texas 78704

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