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Everyday Feedback is a process that offers faster, more honest feedback between you and the people you work with, which serves up crucial information and shortens your group’s path to success.


Why don’t people give great feedback?

  • Beliefs, such as: “I shouldn’t de-motivate anyone,” or: “The other person might have an emotional outburst & that would be unproductive.”

  • Fear & avoidance that is generated by a fight-or-flight stress response in your brain

  • Culture: “We haven’t done much feedback in this company” or “My boss never gives feedback”

  • Lack of experience and skills in giving and receiving feedback

  • Seeing feedback a seating up time (rather than saving time)



By learning about the everyday feedback process and building an everyday feedback culture, you will discover wonderful improvements in both your work results and
work relationships.


What are some of the benefits?

  • It directs you to problems that need attention faster and it helps everyone move ahead with optimal knowledge.

  • People who work in a feedback-rich environment are happier and trust you more.

  • Your employees will know where they stand with you and exactly how to improve their impact.



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