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10 Gifts Your Team Members Will Appreciate Every Season of the Year

1. Check on them informally via text, email, call, or a mix of these! Mention their personal interests—job-related or not! Of course, you don’t want to overdo this!

2. Make sure to know which skills each person would like to acquire. Find people, tools, articles, books, and other resources to offer them as often as possible.

3. Give them your courage to offer helpful honest feedback to help them succeed on the job!

4. Give them your full attention when they come to you with a concern or when you ask them a question. At a meeting or phone call, pause a bit to invite them to speak more.

5. Brag on each member’s accomplishments often, but authentically, to let them know you notice.

6. When they come to you with a problem or in need of help, stop to probe and get the details before jumping in with solutions!

7. Introduce them to other people in the team or company when you know of a common interest.

8. Give them as many details as you possibly can about company and customer’s future direction and allow time for questions. They want to know where you—and they—are headed.

9. Ask their opinion when you are stuck and have an honest discussion to get new ideas and reveal vulnerabilities.

10. Find something to like about everyone on your team, even for people who naturally irritate you often. Envision them as their best self!

Go through this list and identify the items you do the least. Pick 2-3 and plan how you will make these happen in 2021!

Read The Feedback Imperative for more tips and strategies for leading remotely.

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