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10 Ways to Get Feedback Going (Whether You’re the Boss Or Not)

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Give them a reason for why now is the time to start and how everyone will benefit.  Here are a few low-risk lines to choose from:

  1. I’ll Go First I would like some feedback and would love it if we could exchange some improvement ideas. For instance, I know I need to organize the project information better. What do you suggest?

  2. Something Just Occurred to Me I had some thoughts this morning about a new approach you can try with that challenging customer….

  3. Post Mortem Meeting At the end of this meeting, I’d like to set aside 10 minutes to brainstorm about what’s working and what’s not working.

  4. At This Juncture Now that we’re out of the gate with this project, let’s suggest 3 improvement ideas for each of us that could raise it to a new level.

  5. We All Need Help Let’s go around the circle and have each person ask for ideas they could use to solve a problem or improve results in one area.

  6. Appreciation and Beyond Let’s go around the circle and show appreciation for one way each person has made a positive contribution this week and then share one way each person could have an even greater impact. Really stretch to make yourself come up with useful points here.

  7. Group Self-Assessment Let’s list 3 skills we’ve improved upon as a group and 3 skills we tend to be weak on. Then let’s figure out how to get more skilled!

  8. Now That We’re At A New Stage Now that we’re kicking off the next phase of the project, let’s brainstorm some advance feedback for what we can do right now to make it great!

  9. Loving on Feedback Let’s go around the circle and have each person share some feedback they received, thank the person, and describe how it helped.

  10. Group Stretch Let’s brainstorm the behaviors and approaches we’re doing really well and then stretch ourselves to say how we can leverage each of these to do even better!

Try one or two of these low-risk approaches and you’ll want to keep it up!

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