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15 Virtues of Frequent Feedback

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the negatives of performance review. I, for one, am not a fan of it.

But the bottom line–whether your firm has tossed the annual ritual or not: You still need to give feedback, and lots of it. Even if you lead a startup and with only two employees, you need feedback. Even if you are a project leader with no direct reports, you still need feedback. Both giving feedback and getting feedback.

Here are 15 of the many advantages of frequent feedback:

#1 You get goals accomplished faster. Feedback gives you & your team members more & better input.

#2 You prevent the need for “crucial conversations.” Feedback handles it while it’s not such a big deal.

#3 People trust you more (and you trust them back). Feedback is honesty and honesty builds trust.

#4 You can help people overcome barriers. Feedback allows you to share your knowledge & influence.

#5 People learn new skills faster. Feedback is all about coaching and sharing your expertise.

#6 You learn what you can do better. Feedback helps you pinpoint what’s important to change.

#7 Your employees help you more. Feedback points you to the best leadership actions.

#8 You get over your fears about feedback.  After you try it and see the gigantic value of it, it’s way easier.

#9 People quit talking behind others’ back so much.  Face-t0-face honesty stops all of this.

#10 You find out earlier when there’s trouble brewing.  This saves massive time and prevents frustration.

#11 More people ask for feedback. Once you create a feedback culture, people want more of it!

#12 More people give one another feedback. When feedback is welcome, people at all levels exchange it.

#13 Uncommitted people leave of their own accord.  The feedback culture is not a fit for them.

#14 True performance rises over ego and politics. There’s less room to hide when honest feedback rules.

#15 Your top talent stays happier.  High performance is valued and great ideas welcome.

And on and on….  There are so many more awaiting you as you jump in and transform your work world with fast, frequent, honest feedback to and from all directions.

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