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Back in the Saddle with Feedback

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

So you started giving feedback to people, you stepped out on a limb to be honest, and you saw some positive results. Maybe you even used one of the new feedback apps to start giving continuous feedback to people you work closely with, and others gave you feedback too.

But that was a while back–a month ago…or more. And now you are wanting to pick it up again, and relaunch your effort. Here are 5 things you can do.

1. Recognize any positive changes, making sure to explain the behaviors and positive impact you are noticing.  Example: Your group has solved some major delivery issues since you’ve delegated more to the agents. Chris commented on how much he enjoyed trying out his idea. It’s so great that we are speeding up the flow while empowering team members!

2. Revisit any key area that still needs to be improved and explore together how they can address that area more effectively. Example: I see that your training schedule has slowed down and I’d like to ask you to spend more time getting in your training on the new system. How can you schedule that in?

3. Review how helpful their feedback was to you and what you tried, based on their feedback. Ask them for more feedback on that topic and any other topics that are important to your shared goals. Example: Your suggested that I organize my weekly meetings better was so helpful. What do you think of the new format and handling the smaller discussions after the big meeting? What other suggestions do you have for me? 

4. Find a new focus for more feedback to them. Consider your shared goals and what is now most important for them to hear. It can be positive feedback, improvement feedback, or a combination of the two. Example: Since we were asked to handling the new orders without hiring anyone, time efficiency has been my top concern. You’ve had a great impact by focusing the team on removing unnecessary steps and preventing burnout. Thank you!

5. Ask them how they are experiencing this feedback process and how you two can adjust the way you do feedback.  How do you feel about this feedback process? I know that I’ve been remiss in not getting back to you sooner. What do you suggest?

You’ve re-invigorated your feedback effort and used it to motivate people. Feedback is getting more and more integrated into the way you do business!

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