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Feedback Is Your Friend: Give It Early and Often

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Almost every client or business pal I talk to is going through a challenge that makes them question how to lead differently. The challenges are all over the map.

  1. The need to scale up big for sudden growth

  2. A sudden downturn in their industry

  3. A merger of their company with a competitor

  4. A spin-off of their company from the company that bought them a while back

  5. Adoption of a union-like structure that demands more legal documentation by managers

  6. The need to do a lot more with the resources they have now

As I listen and think about the role of a leader in each of these situations, I try to hold back my evangelistic obsession with everyday feedback.

But I can’t.

I marvel at the fact that frequent, helpful feedback to and from employees is a win-win in every one of these situations!

  1. If you need to scale up you need the folks you already have to do more. You may need to hire and train new people. All of this calls for coaching and feedback.

  2. If you need to cut back on resources, you need everyone to add more value. And maybe it’s time to face up to pockets of poor performance. This calls for feedback big time!

  3. If you are merging or spinning, you need to be strategic, know what’s working, know what’s not, and make tough choices. All of that is far easier where there’s been feedback, and feedback along with development will prepare people for future changes

  4. If you are needing to document and provide legal justification for staffing decisions, everyday feedback will make documentation easier, and frequent documentation will make everything easier.

There’s really no leadership situation in which feedback doesn’t do wonderful things for you. As you reflect on how that applies in your life, get ready to jump into everyday feedback mode!

Whether you’re going up or down, whether you have more money or less of it, whether you have more constraints, more competition, or are in desperate need of better skill sets, feedback and coaching can help you.

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