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Giving Feedback When Your Team Isn’t Used to It

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

There are many reasons why your group isn’t used to getting your feedback.

It may be you…

  1. You may suddenly be managing people who used to be peers

  2. You may have avoided saying anything “negative” to anyone for years and only now realize it’s essential to success

And your environment is forcing you to dive into everyday feedback

  1. Your company may be on a big feedback culture kick and you can’t back out of it

  2. Your boss is a champion of continuous feedback

  3. Team members are clamoring for it

  4. You now realize that some or all of your people absolutely must have it to make progress

Feeling stressed about it? You are probably getting very nervous about how to handle this situation because you’re really not used to being honest about something your team members may take personally. You may not be emotionally ready when they turn the feedback faucet toward you, after you have opened the conversation with them. The receivers may take it the wrong way and you might feel alienated from people who really like you. And for people who’ve been low performers for years, you don’t have a clue of how to start the conversation.

Think about the many benefits touted by leaders who swear by it You’ve heard the good side: It will help your team members know what they need to do to improve. Your team’s will improve when everyone is working on changing the right things. It enables others to more easily give you feedback. All of this will lead to your success!

The big surprise about giving feedback Feedback researchers, including the latest work on how the brain processes feedback, shows overwhelmingly that the people you manage will like you MORE, not LESS, after you give them feedback. Many studies have shown that employees prefer a manager who gives them frequent, honest feedback.

Grab three free tools and strategies that will put you on a path to success and get you comfortable with giving feedback.

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