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Imagine, six months from now, on Valentine’s Day 2015

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

A world in which you and the people you work with are achieving great things and hitting your targeted outcomes again and again, getting things done faster and easier, and feeling great team camaraderie. All of the delays, mistakes, and missed opportunities that frustrated you before are melting away, and you are proud and confident about how much everyone has learned and improved. Each individual you work with is making a way better contribution to your shared goals.

Is such a world possible? Yes, very possible. What one change can you make now that can deliver this “dream” outcome?

Feedback. More and faster, honest and helpful. Transparent. Shared by you with each team member and invited back to you from each team member. A culture of feedback—in hallways, in meetings, two people, three people, no big-deal feedback, non-traumatic feedback, positive feedback, constructive feedback, everyday feedback!

Feedback is information and you have to have more and better information to steer your team where you want to go. So feedback is a good thing. You are doing yourself and each team member a huge favor by insisting on giving and receiving way more feedback on your path to excellence! Feedback is a gift and you want to give that gift to every individual you work with open-heartedly AND you want to receive lots of it back.

Hold the vision of that day of celebration in your head, make notes about what your group is achieving, and mentally turn up the dial to make this vision even more high definition and in brighter colors. As you bring your mind back to where you are today, see a path from today to what’s possible for February 14th and how you can help each and every member of your team through feedback. See your in fast-paced coaching conversations with everyone on your team over the next six months. If you have one such conversation per week, you’ll have at least 24 feedback conversations with each person. But the conversations will not only be short–less than 10 minutes each, but you’ll be freeing up massive time with the skill-building, error prevention, and delegation you are creating through feedback.

You have just made a very positive association with feedback that can boost your willingness to do it and help you overcome past associations that made feedback a dreaded chore. With everyday feedback you can Celebrate Success Faster!

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