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Know Your Team: Top 8 Lessons in Giving Feedback from AMA with Anna Carroll, author, feedback coach,

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

I had a great time answering questions and getting to know other members of Know Your Team’s Watercooler. If you’re a leader looking for support The Watercooler is the place to be!

Every month, we invite one of the 1,000+ managers who are a part of our leadership community in Know Your TeamThe Watercooler, from all over the world to participate in an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) session. It’s an opportunity for managers, executives, and business owners to gain in-depth insights into management and leadership lessons. This month, we were curious regarding lessons in giving feedback – something we highly focus on here ourselves at Know Your Team.

Without further ado, I would like to tell you about our February AMA guest, Anna Carroll of Anna is an author, feedback coach, and speaker. She helps leaders and professionals speed up their cycles of feedback, improvement, and results, including training for how to give and receive helpful transparent feedback. An essential quality of her “everyday feedback” approach is lowering stress and building great relationships along the way.

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— Mark Holzbach, Creative and Tech Community Connector, Co-Founder, Zebra Imaging

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