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Monday Morning Feedback Plans: 4 Things You Can Do Today

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

There’s no better, faster way for you and your team to hit the bull’s eye of success than to use feedback every day. And Monday is the best time to get feedback going and get it working for you. Here are 4 tips:

Tip #1: Envision your bull’s eye

Start today by envisioning everyone–including yourself–drawing bows and arrows that–Thwap!–hit that center circle for your business this week. Hitting the bull’s eye may mean getting a product or project out the door, re-designing a system or process, solving a frustrating problem, selling more and/or any other business goal. You want it done well and you want it done soon. When you see success, you aren’t seeing people wasting time or energy, aiming off the mark, proliferating mistakes, or adding to the same old inefficiencies. Not only do you see them getting the job done but they are having more fun and having an easier time of it. Write down what people are doing more of, less of, or differently.

Tip #2: Initiate personal conversations

Preferably, start with a team meeting in which you describe the success you are seeing. Share your insights about what it would look like. Then initiate one-on-one meetings or phone calls in which you offer feedback and suggestions about changes each team member can make to get closer to the bull’s eye you see. Be honest and stay focused on the future changes you want to see. In every single conversation, ask for feedback back to you about what you can do differently to lead and support this success.  You are starting feedback dialogues that can guide both of you to the bull’s eye. Continue the feedback dialogues throughout the week.

Tip #3: Coach people or find the right experts to help them

A lot of times, people are not doing what’s best or easiest because they don’t know how to do it better. You will need to teach them, help them, or connect them with knowledge or skills experts who can help them adjust what they are doing. If you are strapped for time, analyze which people and which skills are the top priorities for reaching that target. For the people you are drawing on to train others, make sure to talk to them in advance and explain clearly what you are requesting. Sometimes this coaching or training is amazingly speedy. Even 15 minutes can be enough to re-direct someone’s behavior in a very powerful way!

Tip #4 Show your appreciation for success

I promise you–If you really start these feedback conversations, you will almost immediately see success. And some of it will be fast. So you’ll have plenty of things to praise people for doing. Just don’t forgot to savor the good feelings when the goal is reached. Ask them to explain what changes most helped them to reach their goal. Go over all the good ideas they brought to the table and how their feedback helped you. Give the positive feedback in your team meeting and in one-on-one conversations. Success breeds success, so continue the feedback and good feelings of success!

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