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More and Faster Feedback Found to be Key in Software Projects

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

My fiance called my attention to a technical manual about Agile Scrum project management tools he was using to lead a programming project with a team of 8. After a lot of research about what makes programming projects faster and better vs. what holds them back, it’s common wisdom now that development teams need:

  1. More meetings–way more–than they used to have: Daily!

  2. Very short meetings, usually in the morning: 15 minutes or less

  3. Clearly defined “chunks” of development to be done in a few weeks (vs. longer goals over months)

  4. Direct involvement by every member of the development team and the customer

  5. FEEDBACK from everyone about problems & what can be improved

  6. Willingness to make adjustments along the way

This turns out to be way faster than waiting for months to find out that

  1. People are uncoordinated and the pieces don’t quite fit

  2. Customers have changed their minds about tradeoffs

  3. Blockages haven’t been solved, and slow everyone down

  4. etc., etc. etc.

Why is feedback so important?

It’s the accurate information that every process needs to be steered into success!

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