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Pivoting…to Get Unstuck

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

My father, Stanley, was an obstetrician. In his heyday, there was as much art as science to delivering babies. He had an extraordinary 3-D capability to see and rotate babies into just the right position to emerge from tight spaces.

Little did I suspect the broad applicability of this skill. One day he and my Mom–recently empty nesters after my sister and brother & I left Houston–were moving into a 2-story townhouse and needed their old baby grand piano to go up the stairs and into their new living room on the second floor. Suddenly, the piano got stuck on the stair landing and the four professional movers started cursing, Stanley walked up and directed them. “Wait, Wait, Wait!–Now you two move this right side up ten degrees, and you two let it drop down a bit…” Little by little, his gentle directions allowed just enough space for the piano to budge and the movers to make it all the way up the stairs.”

Only a little space was needed. But he saw how to open up that space.

When we’re attempting something that seems so big and so challenging, how often do we just need a little pivoting? Like moving sideways a little bit to make it through that tight passageway.

  1. Stuck because you don’t know “the right” person to call about something you’d love to do? Drop the precision, and just share your need with anyone who know has a big network of friends. There’s a 90% chance they will know someone who knows someone….

  2. Stressed and overwhelmed with all the work ahead? Take a 30 minute break to breathe deeply and envision the work into doable “chunks” you can handle–one step at a time

  3. Frustrated about backsliding on an exercise plan? Find something very easy to do right now–say 10 minutes of walking–and acknowledge yourself for getting back on track. Tomorrow will be a lot easier.

Pivoting is making a subtle shift in direction so that you can emerge into the life that you are truly wanting!

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