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Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Someone asked me about procrastination the other day. So many of us want to just “Get Focused” and “Apply Self-Discipline” in order to get things done. But that’s not really how humans work. There’s often a lot of wisdom in our meanderings off-course…& possibilities to think about.

Maybe I’m not really, really wanting to do this thing that I say is so important, Maybe I have some odd beliefs from past history that are getting in the way, Maybe I know that there’s something else that’s wanting to come out and express itself, Maybe there’s a part of me (that I typically ignore) that knows exactly what drains me and what energizes me…Maybe all of this is for a powerful reason…Strangely enough, just listening to the Procrastinator & giving in to it a bit can save a lot of time...

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