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Relax & Reduce Work Stress Via Feedback!

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Always seeking methods for how to calm down our fears about giving feedback, I went to a conference in San Francisco on the topic of mindfulness. “Wisdom 2.0” featured authors, spiritual teachers, and business leaders from places like LinkedIn, eBay, and Eileen Fisher.

The wisdom

The leaders shared how they stay present, reduce stress, and make their companies a great place to work. They talked about mindfulness meditation, loving kindness meditation, & listening to their “body wisdom” for cues on how to relate to others.

They essentially calmed themselves down and set positive–and yes, loving intentions–before, during, and after talking to their employees.

It was such an Aha for me to realize that feedback conversations–when done in a helpful, frequent, and open manner–are a form of loving kindness!

How is everyday feedback loving kindness?

-You want the best for the other person (as well as for your business and for your whole group)

-You are developing trust and rapport with the other person as you coach them and ask for their feedback to you

-Honest feedback is actually way more compassionate than withholding the information they need to succeed

Think about how you can help people in the absolutely most effective way? It will involved feedback. So it’s time to get out and practice loving kindness today!

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