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Step 3 Keep Talking!

Now that you began the conversation, keep it going! Follow up by focusing on small chunks of improvement at a time

Keep the conversation going on a weekly basis, and make sure to provide positive feedback as frequently as possible!

Be helpful.

After the first feedback conversation, frequently reflect on the goal you share with your team member. That’s always the starting place. It’s a win-win if improvement happens and the new actions impact results!

Stay focused on great work results!

Think of what you and the other person envision for the future of your team and what steps they—and you—can take to bring this vision into reality. You can never go wrong when your feedback conversations revolve around a positive outcome and what will make a difference to the business. Avoid narrowly focusing on correcting something the other person does that irritates you; instead guide them toward the goal and new ways of thinking about how to reach the goal. All of your discussion about the goal will stimulate the other person’s creativity about the many things they can learn and do differently.

Ask how they are progressing on the goal

What’s gone well, and what do they need help with? Here is where you need to listen patiently and wait for them to collect their thoughts before jumping in too quickly with advice. When they mention barriers to getting the job done well, ask for their ideas about what they can try that would make a difference. Only then should you make suggestions for what could help them.

Celebrate success!

Show your authentic appreciation for work improvements when you see them happening. Continue asking for feedback about how you can help the other person. Once they identify what these actions would be, regularly clarify what are the most and least helpful actions. With all of these genuine two-way feedback conversations, you will have helped your team member achieve measurable results, and at the same time, gain higher standards for evaluating their work.

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