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SURPRISE! Your Work Life Gets Easier When You Give Feedback: 7 Surprises In Store For You!

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

If you’re like 95% of leaders who would prefer just about anything over giving feedback to a co-worker or direct report, you will be pleasantly surprised when you begin making helpful, honest feedback a continuous practice!

We’re talking about feedback that shows:

  1. Respect

  2. Recognition of what they’re proud of

  3. No b.s.

  4. Friendliness

  5. Truly helpful advice on how to improve

  6. Concern for their aspirations

  7. An offer to follow up with specific help

Surprise! #1 People won’t freak out Before you actually have your first discussion, it’s almost certain that the other person already senses that’s something they’re doing needs to be improved. So you will validate what they’re already feeling, which has a positive effect on their brain.

Surprise! #2 You will see some change right away As soon as they get the drift of what you are saying, your co-worker is likely to modify their behavior in a good direction. For example, if you mention needing to be more friendly when communicating with customers. The feedback recipient’s attitude will be peppier and more personal on their next calls.

Surprise! #3 You will like each other more Sitting down with someone and telling the truth is in itself a relief for both of you. You have confided in one another, which makes you feel closer and soothes the brain.

Surprise! #4 You’ll have a laugh or two When you call out something they acknowledge needs changing, they’re likely to lighten up and have a laugh. Same with you when they call you on something that needs fixing. Clearing the air of fear of repercussions after a mistake is made lightens the mood and makes work less stressful.

Surprise! #5 You will get some great ideas back When you make suggestions for their change, they are very likely to come up with great ideas for what they need to reach your common goals. Also, the team may benefits from their ideas once new changes have been implemented.

Surprise! #6 People are grateful that you are developing them If they understand that your goal is to help them improve and get further ahead, they will appreciate your ideas for how they can improve and do better on the job.

Surprise! #7 Your results will skyrocket! If you provide feedback to more than one person, it’s likely your feedback will have a multiplier effect. Team members will openly share news about the feedback given and received and the changes that need to be implemented. The team results will be huge in a short time.

“A concise and effective tool… It provides context, inspiration, and great actionable content.”

— Mark Holzbach, Creative and Tech Community Connector, Co-Founder, Zebra Imaging

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