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Transparency in Feedback Advantages People AND Your Business!

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

I love to talk to leaders of groups that have done feedback well–whether it’s the chief executive of the whole shebang or a manager in a pocket within a larger, less open company culture. People in these groups expect to give and receive honest feedback on a frequent basis and they’re used to it.  

The ah-has for these leaders is that they are now:

1. More comfortable making suggestions to their boss and peers

2. More satisfied knowing that people listen and welcome their views

3. Able to move faster because people share information and ideas in real time

I can see and hear this when facilitate or observe a planning meeting. People jump in and “reality-test” ideas faster so that a plan to move forward has been vetted from all angles in a quick, open, but friendly manner. Folks at lower levels are willing to jump into the fray and explain the impracticalities of a plan before it’s launched to an eye-rolling overwhelmed workforce. Differences of opinion are welcome. No one’s shocked. The decisions just get better.

You might wonder why I am now talking about business decisions, when this blog is about giving and receiving feedback.

It is because transparency in feedback leads to transparency in all work-related conversations. It’s almost a virtuous side effect. Here’s the sequence:

  1. Leader leads an open feedback campaign that is launched in a positive, pro-employee manner

  2. Everyone starts giving and receiving helpful, real-time feedback

  3. People drop their fears and start loving it

  4. People share more business ideas and opinions faster

  5. Everybody benefits and business thrives

So next time you’re wondering why you should start doing something so “fraught” as feedback with your team members, envision everybody laughing and celebrating a few months down the road!

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