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Using the Feedback You Get As Your Map To Success

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Here’s an 8-part formula for converting your feedback into gold:

1. Take detailed notes when someone gives you feedback

Bring a favorite notebook and be ready to write if you know ahead of time. If it’s unplanned, stop and get paper or ask them to borrow some.

2. Re-read your notes

When you have a moment alone and won’t be interrupted, read your notes and then read them again. Do it aloud if possible.

3. Re-copy the feedback notes neatly

-As you do this, organize the phrases into bullet points, making sure to use their words and details.

-Place a question mark on phrases you need to clarify.

4. For each key theme, write 1-3 actionable behaviors you are planning

For instance, if someone suggests you take time to get to know your direct reports on a personal basis, you may write:

  1. Arrive early to meetings and ask people about their families and interests.

  2. Share more humor & funny anecdotes in conversations and meetings.

  3. Stop by peoples’ desks briefly when possible and ask about their families or interests. 

5. Go back to the person who gave the feedback

Thank them, share some of your plans, & ask for clarification on items you aren’t sure of.

6. Go through your plans and “grade” yourself on each action item

-Do this two weeks after receiving the feedback and repeat every week after that for six weeks.

-For instance, if you have three feedback themes and a total of 7 action items, rate each item as follows:

3 points—I’ve taken action and seen good results already

2 points—I’ve taken action and seen early signs it’s beneficial, but need to do more

1 point—I’ve taken action and not yet observed results

0 points—I’ve not acted on the feedback yet.

Multiply the rating times the number of action items. For seven items and a rating of two on each item, you would score 14 out of 21 possible points. Repeat this process every week and notice the trends.

7. After 3 weeks, take notes on what positive outcomes you see from implementing the feedback

Don’t skip this step! Brain science research holds that reviewing and appreciating your success has a major effect on your ability to retain the good habit and start repeating it unconsciously.

8. Thank the feedback giver again and share the outcomes you have observed as a result of their feedback

This will add to the positivity of your relationship with them!

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