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What is Your Feedback Zone?

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Everyone who gives feedback to team members has a certain mindset or value system they bring to the table. Which one of the following sets of statements best describe your beliefs?

Are you in the EMPATHIZER feedback zone?

Friendly Encouraging Good listener Help employees & co-workers Tuned into emotions Avoids hurting feelings Smooth over conflict Overly tolerant Avoid pressuring others May be seen as emotional Want to be liked

Are you in the ANALYZER feedback zone?

Observant Organized Have facts straight Collect data Slow to judge Quiet Slow to decide Sometimes finds people too emotional May appear unemotional Avoid conflict Sometimes get tired of conversation

Are you in the MOTIVATOR feedback zone?

Cheerleader Inspiring Mentors some Fun Positive future vision Inconsistent Gives some more, some less feedback Downplays corrective feedback Seen as emotional May skip details

Are you in the CHARGER feedback zone?

Driven Results-oriented Assertive Can create conflict Fast decision-maker Dislike small talk Impatient Have high standards for self & others Not tuned into others’ emotions Get to the point quickly May hurt others’ feelings

These beliefs affect your willingness to give frequent, honest, helpful feedback and they can sometimes hold you back from giving the kinds of feedback people really want and need. Check out the blogpost that correlates to your zone.

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