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You’ll Have Better Weekends & Sleep Sounder If You Use Everyday Feedback at Work

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

A surprising personal benefit to building honest feedback relationships with everyone at work is peace of mind at home.

Anxiety about work Even when you tune out work projects, stacked up email, and work phone calls during your time off, there are usually nagging worries that pop into your mind:

“Did I do OK on the presentation yesterday?”

“My boss was so quiet today. I wonder if she’s ticked off about that customer issue.”

“I bet those guys in Customer Support resent our team for asking them to do so much.”

“When I asked Chris how he was adjusting on our team, he kept avoiding my gaze.”

Cold beer not so refreshing That kind of rumination can spoil your cold beer at the camp-out barbeque.

And sometimes, even big anxiety can set in a week into your Italy tour:

“I bet they’re grooming the new manager for the promotion I’d like to have!”

Call it paranoia. Call it being a worry wart. But wondering how you stack up at work and what your boss is thinking is totally normal for any conscientious employee.

Feedback: The stress reliever Fortunately, there’s a way you, as a leader yourself, can reduce the problem—for you and for everyone you work with! Give and receive “everyday feedback” so that nothing is stacked up until next Monday, next week, or until the “right” moment.

Be honest, authentic, and timely with positive and corrective feedback all day, every day. People will start trusting you to tell the truth and will begin implementing your feedback without delay. You may even catch yourself saying to your friend or partner:

“I feel so good about my job because all of us, including my boss, let each other know exactly how we’re doing and how we can improve. We all feel more secure that way.”

If you, as a leader, are committed to sharing feedback with team members, they will like you more, be happier at work, and each of you can relax during your time off.  The cold beer will taste more refreshing and you will sleep soundly!

“A concise and effective tool… It provides context, inspiration, and great actionable content.”

— Mark Holzbach, Creative and Tech Community Connector, Co-Founder, Zebra Imaging

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