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The Feed Back Imperative

How to Give Everyday Feedback to Speed Up Your Team’s Success

Feedback is more crucial to your people and your business than ever before. Younger and hard-to-retain employees demand it and your information-intensive business can’t wait for once-a-year reviews to build talent. Yet, fast and frequent feedback conversations are missing in most organizations today.


This well-researched but easy-understand guide will help you recognize the specific reasons why feedback is so challenging and the specific things you can do to launch great feedback in your group. You will be able to assess your own feedback mindset, strengths, fears, and weaknesses, and learn simple methods for giving the most helpful feedback. Also “Six Steps to Everyday Feedback” equips you and your colleagues to unleash real-time feedback in the whole organization.

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Lots of great leadership, feedback, & coaching advice. A must read." 

–TJ Vari, Co-Author of Candid and Compassionate Feedback
and Passionate Leadership


Anna Carroll has added great value to our company as an executive coach. Her knowledge and expertise in the area of feedback has been very beneficial in the company’s high potential leadership development program. The skill of providing feedback is more essential than ever before if we are to grow the business and develop the people who make it possible.”

–Daniel Guthrie, General Manager, Zimmer Biomet Dental

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