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How to Give Everyday Feedback & Speed Up Your Team's Success (1-day)

“In one-day, we completely shifted our attitudes about feedback. We saw the power of receiving great feedback, got comfortable giving it, and left with super-practical feedback skills.”

This one-day workshop will equip leaders at all levels to launch a feedback-rich culture in each of their own teams. Workshop topics include:

  • Why transparent feedback is desperately needed by all employees today

  • The most common feedback showstoppers in today’s work environment and how to overcome them

  • How to assess and address your own feedback assumptions, strengths, and weaknesses

  • Apply the COIN method for providing frequent, helpful feedback to team members

  • Plan your own six-step roadmap for implementing feedback in your team

  • Give and receive real-time feedback in the workshop to fuel personal development

  • To schedule this workshop, get in touch with Anna to discuss the details.

How to Build an Everyday Feedback Culture (6 hours)

“Anna Carroll guided us through the steps we needed to launch an everyday feedback culture among ourselves and in all of the teams that report to us. We left with a clear plan for how to implement regular feedback throughout our whole organization. Since then, we’ve never turned back and our business and our people are benefitting big!”


This 6-hour planning session for your management team includes:

  • Identifying top business goal(s) to be targeted with feedback loops

  • Assessment of current feedback culture vs. desired feedback culture

  • Feedback session: Optimizing leaders’ contributions

  • Planning session: Implementing Six Steps to Everyday Feedback

  • Communication planning: Key consistent messages

  • Actions, commitments, & follow-up planning

  • To schedule this workshop, get in touch with Anna to discuss the details.

Feedback Skill-Building Lab (half-day)

This workshop is for up to 20 individual contributors and/or leaders after one of above workshops is completed in the organization. It can be repeated for the same people once or twice a year and customized to promote the continued development of feedback-rich culture. Topics include:

  • Follow-up skill-building

  • Lab topics are customized to needs of each group

  • Typical topics include role plays, practice with COIN feedback method, & dealing with challenging feedback situations

  • Can provide “catch-up” training for those not attending earlier sessions

  • Often includes facilitated feedback exchange within this group

  • To schedule this workshop, get in touch with Anna to discuss the details.


How to Give Everyday Feedback

Learn why you need to dramatically increase the quantity and quality of the feedback you are giving, receiving, and expecting everyone on your team to exchange.

Gain super-effective skills in how to provide the most helpful and actionable feedback that will help everyone learn and grow on the job, and see measurable improvements that kick in right away.

Lead a feedback culture in the entire group, across teams, and involving everyone responsible for the work you produce.

Contact Anna Carroll, MSSW, CPCC

(512) 431-6619
1307 Kinney Ave, Suite 136
Austin, Texas 78704

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